About Us

About Us

Founded in 1993, Devonshire Marketing Consultants Ltd is a UK Public Relations Consultancy specialising in the B2B IT arena – ranging from start-ups to established brands.

We help smaller clients ‘punch above their weight’ in raising their brand profile, leading to successful acquisition and exit. We also help larger brands increase their market share, and drive awareness in key markets.

Engaging audiences for growth

Through a combination of message development, media relations, analyst relations, content creation and marketing, social media, speaker programmes, award programmes, and thought leadership campaigns, we enable organisations to find, build, engage and convert new audiences for growth.

We have no juniors at Devonshire Marketing. All our consultants have either run a PR department in-house or directed PR campaigns at an agency level. They pitch and win your business, and then manage your accounts on an on-going basis.

Our industry expertise

At Devonshire Marketing, we perform quality work for interesting clients with innovative products, and something original to say. By limiting our clientele to a maximum of 10 clients at any one time, we ensure dedicated professional service and in-depth understanding.

Unlike other agencies, we do not aim to be a volume business by taking on as much work as possible. We don't have a 'spray and pray' attitude to PR. The clients we represent ultimately reflect back on us. We'd rather take a more considered, tailored approach to both their businesses and our own.

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