Content Marketing

Content Marketing

The essence of good PR

We all know that B2B buyers are seeking information, opinions and the experiences of others before they initiate contact with sales teams. With today’s B2B buyer journey it is more important than ever for PR to find innovative ways of engaging influencers, communities, and prospects. That’s where content marketing comes into its own.

Content marketing benefits

Content marketing is the process of publishing original material in the form of articles, videos or images on the web - driving this through selected social media channels to encourage your target audience to engage directly online. This allows you to:

  • Connect with your audience
  • Build your brand awareness
  • Generate sales cost effectively and efficiently

A powerful asset

Compelling content has always been an asset and is at the heart of any effective B2B PR campaign. This is now spilling into all areas of the marketing mix. With many brands becoming self-publishers, content creation is a powerful asset: supporting and feeding the insatiable appetite for social media marketing. One story can be developed into multiple content assets, which can significantly increase traffic and industry interest. Most importantly, great content is the main driver for developing an audience — the greatest asset of all.

Our content marketing services

With the advent of content marketing, our proven core skills and services at Devonshire Marketing have become invaluable to our clients. So much so, that many of them now see PR as the engine room of content marketing.

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