Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

We believe Public Relations is a country-specific activity. Whilst IT vendors sell and promote themselves all over the world with the same basic solutions, services and messages, we believe a UK PR campaign should be tailored to support the UK sales initiatives and buyers in the UK market.

Tailored PR services

Our expertise lies in understanding the subtle differences and opportunities between other geographic markets (particularly the US), the different press and analyst perspectives, and the ability to tailor key messages accordingly.

We deliberately keep our agency small and limit the number of clients we represent at one time. Why? Because we think most companies want dedicated, proactive, personal service, rather than being one of numerous clients in a big agency. We also prefer to work as an extension of your marketing team, rather than simply acting as your external, remote PR agency.

Our team members will not be moved to other accounts or swapped around to handle other business. Instead, we believe we should learn about your business and then stay focused on supporting it.

What we won't do

  • Work for people we don't like
  • Agree with you simply because you're paying us
  • Knowingly lie to the press
  • Harass the press / distribute stories with no news value
  • Pretend to understand something if we don't.

What we will do

  • Be blunt, honest and open
  • Work hard to get visible results
  • Be proactive with ideas and suggestions
  • Take the time to properly understand your market and products
  • Work with you as an extension of your marketing team.

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